Kay Shaffer Fine Art Batik

Fine Art Batik


It is my pleasure to present one of a kind designs that allow the art enthusiast to share my vision of batik as a full and complete fine art experience. Each textile is hand made by a process of painting with melted wax on cotton then using progressive dye baths succeeding each waxing to develope depth and shading in the composition.  Even though I create from what speaks to me,  I hope the collector will transcend preferring a particular subject or color palette and also desire to possess art that is truly unique. 

Purchasing Original Works of Art

In the Gallery, any artwork not marked SOLD is available for purchase, each piece is noted to be either framed or gallery wrapped and pricing includes such. Contact the artist to purchase artwork at kayson1234@aol.com or through Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/fineartbatik/.